Customer Success Stories

I have worked with the IT providers for my law firms for about 10 years. By far, BusinessWare Solutions is the most complete, efficient, skilled IT firm I have used. They are immediately responsive the rare times we have a problem. When we do have a problem, it gets fixed. Period. They have earned my trust, respect and gratitude. Whenever someone asks for an IT recommendation, without hesitation I recommend BusinessWare Solutions.

-Jennifer GilkAttorney at LawGilk Legacy Law PLLC

The cost factor is what convinced us to switch to managed print services. I looked at my budget and what I was spending for the whole year on cartridges. With BusinessWare Solution’s managed print services, I was able to shave a couple thousand dollars off our expenses. In addition to the savings, it is nice having BusinessWare come once a month to clean and properly maintain the equipment. BusinessWare has always been a pleasure to work with.

Angie AasethIT DirectorNRHEG SchoolsNew Richland, MN

The State Bank of Faribault has been using managed print services for about a year, and we’re definitely experiencing the benefit of saved time and money. We have about fifteen machines on the managed print program, and we use several of them for the advanced MFP related capabilities. Prior to using MPS, I’d often find that those using the printers wouldn’t notify me of low toner; and then we’d run out. Now, not only are we saving money on toner, we never run out. Hewlett Packard are solid printers and don’t break down. However, BusinessWare’s response time is good should we need anything. This is certainly a ‘Hands-On’ solution, as we don’t have to dedicate anymore time to maintaining toner inventory, keeping equipment up-to-date, or worrying about repairs.

Lynden DirksenVP of OperationsState Bank of FairbaultFairbault, MN

Struss CPAs, P.C. had been part of a larger company, and after we reorganized, I wasn’t quite sure how we would handle our printer needs. We connected with BusinessWare solutions to discuss managed print services, and we’ve been working with them ever since.

In our industry, we have very high demand seasons during which our printers experience high volume printing. We have two HP printers on the MPS program. During tax time, these printers are really challenged to keep up with the high demand. I’m happy to say that we’ve experienced no downtime, even though we often take one of the printers off location with us during audits. Due to BusinessWare Solution’s excellent maintenance plans with the MPS program, we can rely on our printer working every time we arrive at a client’s office.

When you look at dollars and cents, I doubt anyone will find a less expensive alternative out there. For us, our cash flow coincides with our busy season. With MPS, we are not forced to stock up on ink when we don’t need it. When business picks up during tax season, our printers kick into high gear. Our cash flow is up when the demand rises. It’s a win-win situation.

It’s important to me that HP certified people like BusinessWare Solutions work on my printers. I know they use only the best HP products and HP recommended maintenance schedules. This is reassuring to me so that I can rely on my equipment working when I need it most. MPS is an outstanding program and I highly recommend it for other small businesses

Dan StrussOwnerStruss CPAs, P.COwatonna, MN

Life Style, Inc. chose managed print services for the ease of one bill every month, for everything related to printing costs. We’ve been using BusinessWare Solutions for a while, and we have been very happy with their products and services. We primarily use managed print services for printing, copying, and emailing; and we experience virtually no downtime at all due to the benefits of managed print services and our decision to have two devices in our office instead of one. When we need toner or a machine requires servicing, we appreciate dealing with only one place for all our needs. We can’t stress enough how much we appreciate the ease of this service. Managed print services are great.

Liz KienholzExecutive DirectorLife Style, Inc.Owatonna, MN

We’ve been using managed print services for the past two and a half years to help control our printing costs. This service provides us with detailed reports that help us monitor where we are spending money on printing and copying. St. Lucas Care Center has seen a huge money savings thanks to this program, and it has also positively affected our workflow. On top of that, BusinessWare Solutions is good to work with and very user friendly. They are able to proactively see problems ahead of time, saving us from unnecessary repair costs and downtime. For us, managed print services mean one less thing for my staff to deal with, which is really nice.

Karen RudaAdministratorSt. Lucas Care CenterFaribault, MN

As the Information Technology Coordinator in charge of United Farmers Cooperative’s 15 locations, I found myself tired of the costs associated with managing and maintaining printers, scanners, and copiers. We were constantly spending money on toners and drums, and I found myself spending too much time fixing printers. I’d often get busy with other tasks, only to realize later that I needed to order toner or fix a printer. With BusinessWare Solution’s managed print services, I no longer need to worry about running out of toner. It simply appears when we need it, before we run out! Managed print services have saved us time and money, and I just can’t say enough about the ease of it all. No longer do I spend my IT time fixing printer equipment. We have about six printers, plus two MFP’s (multi-functional printers) that we contract to use, and BusinessWare makes sure everything is well maintained.

While we frequently use the printing and faxing features, the document management portion of managed print works very well. We’ve found the scan-to-email feature very helpful. With fifteen office locations, all our PO’s are scanned and then emailed for signatures very quickly and easily. Each month we get a detailed report that is helpful when we go through our IT budgets each year. I recommend managed print services to other businesses looking to control costs and free up time.

Ryan AltmannInformation Technology CoordinatorUnited Farmers CooperativeSouthern Minnesota

Shakopee School District is approaching our first full year of using BusinessWare Solutions’ managed print services. Before this time, we had an aging fleet of printers requiring increasingly more attention and specialized needs than our staff had time to administer. During that time, we were doing all our own repairs and upgrades, and I was responsible for following up that all equipment work requests were complete. As our needs continued to grow and require more equipment, it became apparent that a choice needed to be made. I either needed to shift things around to create more man power and hours to service our own equipment, or look for a managed print solution and farm out the work to someone we could trust.

I contacted BusinessWare Solutions for help, hoping they could alleviate the time and resources we were putting into our printers. I also hoped for potential cost savings. Since we went with managed print about one year ago, we’ve found we that our staff has more hours to devote to other projects; making managed print services a valuable alternative for us. Having BusinessWare’s expertise involved with our equipment has quickened the response rate, keeping printers in top working condition. MPS is increasing our office efficiencies. The fast attention and priority we receive from BusinessWare means a happy staff at Shakopee Schools.

Gary PikalTechnology SpecialistShakopee SchoolsShakopee, MN

Cedar Lake Electric is a small, growing business. Like many small businesses, we have limited funds to invest in keeping technology up-to-date. Managed print services through BusinessWare Solutions allows us to keep up with technology and have the newest equipment available, while still saving money in the process. For three years now, we’ve actually spent less money annually, experienced less equipment downtime, and enjoyed having the right equipment for our needs. We’ve been working with BusinessWare Solutions for over fifteen years, and they are our virtual IT department. If we need help, we have someone to call. If equipment needs servicing, someone is here within a couple hours.

Connie CaronCedar Lake ElectricFaribault, MN

It was my decision to go with managed print services about a year ago. We are a growing company, and our technology needs were changing. I had equipment that needed upgrading and the cost of replacing equipment was not as appealing as partnering with BusinessWare Solutions. Even if cost hadn’t been the final push, the convenience of the managed print services was a major benefit. We also use our primary MFP for document management in case of disaster. All scanned, signed contracts go through that printer and then are digitally saved on a backed-up server, should we ever need to recall the data.

We have ten-fold the equipment now that we used to have, and it’s new. Since the equipment is so new and reliable, we really haven’t had any downtime. If we do need help, BusinessWare is only a call away. As far as needing things like toner, it’s here before we ask for it. We don’t have a dedicated IT person on staff, so the convenience of this program helps us immensely.

Tyson TwaitControllerInterstate Mills/Central Valley CooperativeOwatonna, MN