Managed Cloud Services

Cloud solutions enjoy the benefit of having access to the newest technology available without the expense of purchasing and maintaining it. In the case of backups and disaster recovery, cloud solutions also provide an offsite location to store backups and a facility to run critical applications from in a limited capacity during a disaster.

Our subscription based technologies give you access to the latest software on a pay as you go basis. Capital expenses can be converted to operational expenses. In addition, cloud services allow you to scale up and down when you need to. Services can be expanded or contracted each month based on your growth or seasonal needs.

BusinessWare Solutions Cloud Service offerings include:

  • Cloud Symantec Anti-Virus Subscriptions
  • Cloud Barracuda Spam Filtering Subscriptions
  • Cloud  Microsoft Server Solutions
  • File Level Cloud Backups
  • Veeam Backup & Disaster Recovery Subscriptions
  • Veeam Cloud Connect Storage for Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Microsoft Office 365